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Last time I explained why the acronym EPM was chosen for the company name. In this post I will explain why the word Partner was used and not Advisor or Consultant.

At first sight it seems logical to name the company Consultants for EPM or EPM consultants, or something similar, when you are in the business of management consulting. However, a name should not just reflect what you do but if possible also how you do it or why you do it. It should basically reflect who you are and what your mission is. And that is where Partner better reflects who we are and what our mission is.

We believe in the work we do. And we know that we are good at it. But that doesn’t mean we can just ‘help’ or ‘advise’ a client. Together with the client we discuss the end game and then make a commitment to reach that end game. And that is more than just helping to design a cost model. Or to support implementing a transfer pricing system. We tell the client upfront that it is a journey. We explain that it is not good to have just a budget for the project. You also need some petty cash once the system is up and running to tune and develop further.

It is like when you have your new house designed and built. At first sight it seems a success when it is done according to specs and within budget. But once you have moved in you realize you want to change furniture, tiles, color etc. Or in the meantime your household expects a newborn. And you suddenly must change the destination of a room and tweak it a bit. Relatively small cost compared with the initial construction cost. But the changes are necessary to make it your house.

We are the partner that is not just interested in doing the ‘big’ implementation project but who is also there for the smaller work. For us success is not measured by the project and its outcomes. We measure success by how the client is using the project deliverables in the day-to-day operations. We want your success to be our success.  

We are a partner to the client to get the ROI on the investment instead of just staying within project budget and time.

Enough about the company name. Next time I will elaborate on good decisions versus good outcomes. Stay tuned.

Post Author: Frank van Vliet

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