Implementing an Enterprise Performance Management system can be tricky. To stay in budget is the easy part. The challenge in general is to translate the specifications into a workable system. This sounds easy but is certainly not always the case. The reason is that the specifications of what the EPM system should be able to deliver are not always aligned with reality. Here are the more common reasons:

  • the data quality and details do not match the system requirements
  • the features of the EPM system have limitations
  • the system users do not know how to work with the system
  • the stakeholders have lost interest or do not trust the outcomes

Too often stakeholders and users have another perception of the EPM system then the consultant and the software vendor. Consultants often play the role of a project manager and/or facilitator. Too often consultants assume that the client knows what they want. In practice it is not so black and white. Therefore we challenge our clients to make sure that we now what they mean.

Software vendors in general will always say that the solution is capable of doing something. In general it is harder to judge how natural or standard that feature is. Sometimes it can only be done via customization or a weird way. Our software selection service helps our clients to avoid these circumstances.

We have experience as both users & stakeholders as well as software vendors and implementation consultants. That makes us the ideal partner to support you with the implementation of your EPM system. An implementation is more than just specification, timeline, budget. A successful implementation requires more. Therefore we always consider the PESTEL drivers for a successful implementation: Politics, Economy, Social, Technology, Environment, Legal.

You can contact us to learn more about our implementation support services and philosophy.