We work with specific partners as we believe that you can’t be good at everything. And with many years of experience implementing EPM software solutions we know that we can best work with partners that are specialized in a particular EPM software solution. We are therefore proud that we have partnered up with the following companies.

MSG Global (SAP Profitability and Performance Management)

MSG Global is a consulting, implementation, and managed services provider that helps companies improve their operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities utilizing SAP technology. They are the co-developer and specialized implementation partner for SAP Profitability and Performance Management. MSG Global offices worldwide and their head office is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

SIS Finance (CostReport)

SIS Finance provides solutions for clients through services as Consulting, Interim management and Finance professionals. They are the founders of the Center for Cost Management. SIS Finance is also the preferred implementation partner for the EPM solution CostReport. SIS Finance is based in and operating out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Arkonas (MyABCM)

Arkonas is a specialized Enterprise Performance Management consulting. They are implementation partner for MyABCM. Arkonas is based in and operating out of Miami, USA

CFO Consult (Independent Consultancy, Coaching and Training)

CFO Consult specializes in Strategy Execution, Performance and Cost Management. We also Coach and Mentor CFOs & Business Controllers to become Strategic Business Partners. CFO Consult is based in and operate out of Rotterdam, The Netherlands