Frank van Vliet (Founder and Director)

Frank is married and has two grown up sons. He likes the outdoor. He lives now in Stockholm, Sweden, after having lived in South Korea where he was born, The Netherlands. Canada and the USA.

He has a Masters in Economics and a Bachelor in Tax Law from the University of Amsterdam. He is also a Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA).

He has worked as a management consultant at EY before becoming a financial director within Vopak. From 2005 till 2020 he was  a reseller of Cost & Profitability software solution. He has lead 100+ EPM projects supporting companies and organizations across different industries with Cost & Profitability Analysis, Transfer Pricing, VAT recovery, IT costing, Patient level costing, etc. Frank is very all-round with an extra specialization in transfer pricing and tax related topics.

Rickard Moestam (Senior Associate)

Rickard is married and has two 2 grown up girls. He was born in Sweden and has always lived there.

He has a Masters in Science (MSc) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of LuleƄ.

Rickard has been a founder and CEO of Prodacapo, Cost & Profitability software. In 2018 he has sold his shares in the company when it was acquired by a Dutch software company. He has also line experience in the manufacturing industry. Rickard is very all-round in Cost & Profitability Analysis, Process Management, IT costing and has a slight specialization on Process Management. He has also lead 100+ projects across the world.